Is SEO Very Competitive?

How Competitive Is This Keyword? Do You Think Your Website Can Get Ranked On The First Page?

Are you trying to get your website ranked for the most competitive keyword in the world? Or are you trying to target those keywords that have decent searches without too much competition? The keywords you choose can have a direct impact on the amount of money you need to spend on SEO and how soon your website can get to the first page of Google.

Many “SEO Dublin experts” will tell you that you need to check the “competing pages” in order to find out how competitive a keyword is. Unfortunately, nothing is further from the truth. The only thing you need to find out is how strong your top 10 competitors are. All the websites on page 2 and beyond are none of your concerns, unless you are happy with a page 2 result.

If you are going to participate in a cooking competition, who do you want to challenge? Will you choose to compete against Gordon Ramsay or my daughter, who doesn’t even know how to use the oven? I don’t know about you. But I will choose to compete against my daughter every single time. At least I have used the oven before.

Before you launch an SEO campaign for your website, it is always wise to do a little bit of competitive analysis. At the very least, try to figure out what your top competitor is doing to get to that coveted number one spot. For example, you want to know where they get their back links from and whether you can get similar links easily. If you fail to do this, you will not be able to estimate the amount of time, effort and money that is needed to reach your goal.

I am sure you don’t want to see this scenario happening to you. Imagine one year later, your website is still nowhere to be seen even though you are tens of thousands of dollars poorer, not to mention one year older!

Do You Know Exactly What To Expect?

Has your SEO consultant told you what he is going to do?

Of course, you shouldn’t expect them to tell you every nitty gritty. However, they should at least give you a big picture of what is going to take place. Most importantly, what they are doing should be customized for your business.

Do take note that the SEO landscape is constantly changing. Therefore, there may be a change of plan from time to time, especially when Google update its algorithm. That is perfectly fine. This shows that your SEO consultant is constantly updated with the newest information. It means that you have hired the right person to do the job.

The plan can also change from month to month. This is normal as far as SEO is concerned. In fact, it is necessary. This is because it is not a good idea to build too many links in the first month. It is important to start off slowly. If your consultant tells you that he is going to blast 10 000 links to your website in the very first month, you should fire him on the spot.

Have You Checked The Local SEO Listings For The Keywords You Are Targeting?

If you have not done so, you should go to Google now. Sometimes, the first result is an Organic listing. Other times, it is a Local SEO listing. This is an important thing to find out. Why is that so? Well, ranking a local listing is slightly different from ranking an organic listing. For example, I may decide to type in the keyword “Dublin Local SEO” in Google. In the diagram below, you should be able to see 3 things, the PPC ads, the organic listings and the local listings.

When it comes to local SEO, there are many factors involved such as Citations, Online Reviews. It is also important to have the right keywords on your Google Places Listing. Yet, you cannot do keyword stuffing on your Google Places Listing. You need to make it look natural so the Google will approve it. For more information, you can watch the video that I have created for Dublin Local SEO.

Choosing A Shower For Your New Bathroom Installation

There are many shower heads and designs that one can choose from. Experts say that one should have a shower enclosure and bath tub. This is because there are times when one wants to stay longer in a bathroom; this is the ideal time to use the bath tub. Showers are for when a person is in a hurry. Though it is cheaper to install the shower for oneself, it is always better to have an expert by one’s side to answer all questions that one would have.  All this should be taken into account when deciding on a getting a bathroom installed in Dublin.
There are a few things that one should consider before installing a shower. One should install a shower that is powerful. This would suit a small bathroom and make it feel more spacious. There are some people who would install a shower tray that would help drain off the water better. Shower trays come in a variety of shapes and designs. Experts say that the bigger a shower tray is, the better it would be for drainage and also for a feel of luxury. Shower trays are made from slate, marble or even teak. Though some people say that wood would not be best for such a purpose, experts beg to differ. This is because teak is more water resistant and soluble.
There are a few shower heads in the market; the Hansgrohe is used in many small bathrooms all over. This type of shower is popular because it is large. It can be fitted to the ceiling and also used with its stand, though there are some people who use this type of shower for large showers. The Grohtherm wireless shower is another type of shower that is used. This is one of the popular type of shower because it can be switched on and off from any part of ones home. Whichever shower you want to have in your home, you should also check the warranty. This is because one does not need to have a shower that would malfunction after a number of years. The longer the shower lasts, the better.
When one has chosen a good shower head, they will now need to consider good and suitable floor coverings. There are quite a number to choose from; for example, stone, marble, granite and even limestone. All of these are good materials for making great floors and walls that will not let a bathroom feel wet and damp.  This is one aspect that lends a bathroom into a haven that is both versatile and strong. A good bathroom is one that has all its elements made in the right way. Having a good bathroom in one’s house would make time in that room enjoyable.
A shower in any home or house or apartment means that one would surely be utilizing space wisely. This is because they do not take up much space. Also, they make a room look classy and sophisticated. Though there are many shower heads and cubicles available in the market, knowing which one would be best for the bathroom you have in mind is good. Small showers might need a strong shower. This is also dependent on what function the shower will be for. For more information on choosing you shower visit